Notes: July 26, 2009

Two Johns speak of Jesus

As you are reading, remember that John, the author of the gospel that bears his name, is not John the baptizer, the cousin of Jesus. In today’s text we find John the apostle recording the words of John the baptizer.

John 3:22-36

  • After attending the passover in Jerusalem, Jesus went with his disciples into Judea. Baptism was part of their activity (v. 22).
  • John was in another area where there was much water baptizing, too (v. 23).
  • Almost parenthetically we are told, with a view to the future, that John had not yet been put in prison (v. 24).
  • A discussion about baptism ensued between some of John’s disciples and “the Jews” (v. 25). Do you wonder why John still had disciples?
  • The discussion revolved around two groups of people baptizing: John and his disciples, and Jesus with his disciples (v. 26). Was there a competition to see whose following would be greater? Did these inquirers seek to create a problem between John and Jesus?
  • John would not, for a moment, give any credence to the idea that he and Jesus were competitors (v.27).
  • I am not the Christ; I told you that already (v. 28).
  • I am pleased to hear that many are following Jesus (v. 29).
  • I am diminishing in influence so that Jesus might increase (v. 30).
  • I am not from heaven; Jesus is and he should have your attention (v. 31).
  • I don’t have the experience that Jesus has; I don’t have the message that Jesus has (v. 32).
  • Jesus speaks the truth. Jesus speaks for God. Jesus has the Spirit of God without measure (v. 33-34).
  • Jesus is over all things (v. 35).
  • Jesus makes all the difference in the world and the world to come (v. 36).