Notes: July 12, 2009

“Christmas UFO”

Imagine yourself 2000 years ago out in the fields, at night, watching sheep with your friends. There are no street lights, no vehicular or industrial noise. Then suddenly a bright light appears in the sky. What is it?

Luke 2:8-20

  • The light is the glory of the Lord (v. 9). Everyone who has ever seen the brightness of His glory has bowed before Him. Why? Is it because they acknowledge their sin and His holiness? Is it because they see their insignificance when before the great Almighty?
  • An angel speaks to allay their fears (v. 10). He announces that he bears great and joyous news not only for the shepherds, but also for all people (v. 10).
  • What is that news? It is a baby announcement (v. 11). But not just any baby. This is the Savior, Christ the Lord!
  • Assuming that the shepherds will want to go see the baby, the angel tells them how to identify the child (v. 12). Surely there won’t be too many babies wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.
  • And now there’s not just one angel, but a whole choir of angels. And they’re praising God (v. 13-14).
  • As they appeared, so they departed (v. 15), leaving the shepherds agreeing amongst themselves to check out the angel’s announcement.
  • Quickly they went into the town, and they found Mary, Joseph and the babe-as the angel has told them (v. 16).
  • I don’t suppose you would have kept this all to yourself. The shepherds told everyone they met about the angel, the angels and the Christ child (v. 17, 20). More than mere impassionate and disinterested reporters of the news, the shepherds personalized the event and glorified and praised God for all that they had heard and seen.
  • Mary meditated (v. 19). Who could comprehend it all at once? Who could ever comprehend it all?