Notes: July 9, 2009

He shall be called John

Parents have the right and responsibility to name their children. Sometimes children are named after their parents or grandparents, sometimes after friends of the parents, sometimes after famous people. In some cultures, grandparents are offended if their names are not handed down to grandchildren. Zacharias and Elizabeth had been many years without a child, and family and friends thought the baby should be named after his father.

Luke 1:57-80

  • Delivery day was a time of rejoicing for everyone present (v. 58).
  • Elizabeth knew that the boy should not be named after his father (v. 59-60).
  • Zacharias, who hadn’t spoken since the announcement of the baby’s coming, wrote his wishes and the observers were amazed that he agreed with his wife against calling the baby after his father (v. 62-63).
  • Immediately Zacharias’ ability to speak returned (v. 64) and he praised God to the further amazement of those standing by.
  • Filled with the Holy Spirit, Zacharias prophesied (v. 67). Remember: filled to speak.
  • Blessed be God because:
    • He redeemed His people (v. 68).
    • He brought a savior through the house of David (v. 69).
    • He kept His promises made through the prophets (v. 70-73).
    • He makes us holy and enables us to serve Him (v. 74-75).
  • Zacharias recognized:
    • that John would prepare the way for the Messiah (v. 76.
    • And that John would preach about sin and salvation (v. 77).
    • And that John would preach about a merciful God (v. 78).
    • And that the Savior would bring light and peace into a dark and troubled world (v. 79).
  • The baby grew physically and spiritually in relative obscurity for many years (v. 80).