Notes: July 8, 2009

Mary’s Magnificat

Although many people wrongly believe that the virgin Mary was without sin, some believing that she was born without sin, our reading for today shows that she did not profess to be sinless. Hear her own words magnifying the Lord as she rejoices in her savior.

Luke 1:46-56

  • Magnify (v. 46). We use magnifiers to help us see things. Sometimes we need help in examining small details; and sometimes we want to see things that with an unaided eye we could never see. When Mary magnifies the Lord she is making it easier for everyone to see how great God is. In reality, we can only magnify God with our words.
  • God my savior (v. 47). Sinless folk have no need of a savior.
  • Reasons Mary praised God:
    • He took notice of her low estate (v. 48).
    • He gave her notoriety in all future generations (v. 48).
    • He has performed a miracle in her (v. 49).
    • His name is holy (v. 49).
    • He is merciful (v. 50).
    • He has conquered sin (v. 51-52).
    • He has fed the hungry (v. 53).
    • He has helped Israel (v. 54).
    • He has kept his promise to Abraham (v. 55).
  • Three months (v. 56). Mary stayed with Elizabeth until the birth of John. Was she present for the birth? We don’t know.