Notes: July 7, 2009

A bouncing (unborn) baby boy

While many argue about when life begins, Christians should be interested to know when spiritual life begins.

Psychologists and child development experts are learning more about the effects of pre-natal experiences and environment on the subsequent life of a child. Perhaps they would do well to consider the case of Elizabeth’s unborn son.

Luke 1:39-45

  • With haste, Mary went to tell Elizabeth (v. 39). Wouldn’t you?
  • Upon hearing the announcement, Elizabeth’s unborn babe leaped in her womb (v. 41, 44)-for JOY. Not only is the movement of the child in the womb directly related to the announcement of the coming of the savior, the reason for that movement is not mere physical response but an emotional response.
  • Filled to speak (v.41-42). Most often in scripture, when one is filled with the Spirit, it isn’t long before that person begins to speak about God.
  • Clearly Elizabeth understood and believed all that Mary had related (v. 43, 45).