Notes: July 5, 2007

A Pregnancy Announcement

Used to be that a woman wouldn’t tell anyone she was pregnant  until it began to be evident that was the case, or unless her age or health had made it unlikely that she would ever become pregnant. In today’s reading we learn of the birth of John the Baptist. You decide whether the circumstances of the case warranted an early and public announcement.

Luke 1 (v. 5-14)

  • When: in the days of Herod, the king of Judea
  • Who: a certain priest named Zacharias
    • division of Abijah
    • wife a descendant of Aaron, named Elisabeth
    • both righteous, obedient and blameless
    • childless
    • advanced in years
    • serving before God
    • submitting to his being drafted to work
    • in the temple of the Lord
  • What: an angel of the Lord appeared to him
    • do not be afraid
    • your prayer is heard
    • your wife is pregnant with a boy
    • you shall call his name John
    • So what?
    • you will have goy and gladness.
    • many will rejoice at his birth