Notes: July 1, 2009

Prologue To Luke’s Gospel

Luke 1:1-4

  • Even in Luke’s day, many had tried to record the life of Christ (v. 1). Does this say anything about men’s desire to spread the news? Even without the internet or satellite TV the message of Christ spread around the world.
  • Luke’s writing is based on eye-witness accounts (v. 2). Lots of hearsay and imagination have crept into church teachings; but the gospel of Luke was a record of first-hand observation of the holy miracle-worker.
  • And Luke’s knowledge of the facts and understanding of the significance of the life of Christ were complete (v. 3). Does this speak to the question of inspiration or canonicity?
  • So he writes to his friend offering evidence of the truth of what his friend, Theophilis, had already heard (v. 4). What Theophilis had learned was true; but now he will see how true it was.