Notes: June 30, 2009

Get ready. The King is coming.

Malachi 3

  • The concept of and “advance team” is nothing new. God announced that he would send someone to prepare for the coming of the Messiah (v. 1).
  • The arrival of the Messiah would be both earth-shattering and life-changing (v. 2-6).
  • But before the Christ arrives, the people need to consider how they have offended God by stealing from Him (v. 8-12) and complaining about God’s rules (v. 13-15).
  • God will judge the wicked and save His people; mark it down (v. 16-18).

Malachi 4

  • The wicked will be judged (v. 1).
  • The righteous will be triumphant (v. 2-3).
  • In words fitting the final verses of the Old Testament, God tells us that (one like) Elijah will appear before the Messiah arrives, so keep the law until then (v. 4-6).