Notes: June 22, 2009

Genealogies, offerings, and a week of Bible reading

Nehemiah 7

  • Is it nepotism if the family member you hire is most qualified for the job? (v. 1-2).
  • Does faith in God preclude safety precautions like locking the doors? (v. 3-4).
  • Do you like knowing about the family backgrounds of your neighbors? (v. 5-6).
  • Those who have lived any length of time in a country other than that of their birth know the problems that often occur in getting residence permits (v. 61).
  • Some, who cannot prove their birth, are considered outcasts (v. 64-65).
  • The work of God should not be supported by taxes, flea markets, or bake sales, but by the free giving of His people (v. 70-73).

Nehemiah 8

  • It wasn’t an angry mob protesting rigged elections that gathered on the streets of Jerusalem that day (v. 1). It was a people who wanted to hear from God’s word.
  • They willingly stood and listened to the reading and explanation of scripture for half a day (v. 2-8).
  • The leaders instructed the people to rejoice on that holy day (v. 9-12).
  • When the people realized that God had ordered a week-long feast, they immediately set about to obey (v. 13-17).
  • It was joyous week of Bible study (v. 18).