Notes: June 20, 2009

Building for the glory of God

Nehemiah 3

From the sheep gate (v. 1), we follow along the city wall noting who built what and where until we complete our journey back at the sheep gate (v. 32).

  • sheep gate (v. 1)
  • fish gate (v. 3)
  • old gate (v. 6)
  • broad wall (v. 8)
  • tower of the furnaces (v. 11)
  • valley gate (v. 13)
  • dung gate (v. 14)
  • fountain gate (v. 15)
  • pool of Siloah, sepulchres, house of the mighty (v. 15-16)
  • armory (v. 19)
  • water gate (v. 26)
  • horse gate (v. 27)
  • east gate (v. 29)
  • Miphkad gate (v. 32).

Also noted are the various families who worked on the wall near their homes; and the various craftsmen who build with others of the same occupation.

Nehemiah 4

  • Progress in the Lord’s work brought anger to the unsaved (v. 1-3).
  • But the Jews were determined to work (Nehemiah 4:6).
  • The enemy thought to sneak into the city, hidden by the rubble. Upon learning of the plot, Nehemiah ordered a general cleanup of the area. Watch and pray was the byword (v. 7-11).
  • Nehemiah rallied the people with the phrase, ” Remember…and fight” (v. 14).
  • The workers carried tools in one hand and weapons in the other (v. 17).
  • A trumpet blast was the call for workers to gather quickly to defend the city (v. 20).
  • Many slept with their clothes on so that they could fight at a moment’s notice (v. 23).