Notes: June 15, 2009

To bow, or not to bow

Esther 3

  • Haman, the Agagite, promoted (v. 1)
  • Mordecai, the Jew, refuses to bow before him (v. 2-4).
  • Haman plots to destroy Mordecai and all the Jews (v. 5-15)

Esther 4

  • Mordecai  grieves publicly over the king’s edict to kill the Jews (v. 1-3).
  • Esther learns of Mordecai’s concern (v. 4-7).
  • Mordecai encourages her to intercede with the king on behalf of her people (v. 8-9).
  • Esther initially protests, but eventually agrees that within three days she will approach the king (v. 10-16).
  • Mordecai goes away to pray (v. 17)

Esther 5

  • On the third day, Esther does approach the king as she had promised (v. 1).
  • Asked by the king what she wants, Esther asks him to join her for dinner, along with Haman (v. 2-4).
  • Asked again, at the dinner, what she wants, Esther invites the king and Haman to dinner on the following day (v. 5-8).
  • Haman, filled with pride, runs home to tell his wife and family; but along the way he passes Mordecai and the joy is turned to bitterness (v. 9).
  • At home, Haman boasts of the day’s honor and asks advice about dealing with insubordinate Mordecai (v. 10-13).
  • His wife and friends suggest a public hanging (v. 14).