Notes: June 13, 2009

Bad Marriages

Ezra 8

  • Chief operating officers of the returning Jews (v. 1-14)
  • All dressed up for church but nobody to lead the service (v. 15-23). Well, go get somebody.
  • Wealth committed to the priestly care with a solemn charge. All delivered safe and sound. (v. 24-36).

Ezra 9

  • How soon we forget the trouble that our sins have brought us, and we engage in those same sins again (v. 1-2).
  • Marriage with the unsaved is not only a bad idea, it is contrary to God’s will (v. 3-4).
  • God, I am ashamed of our sin (v. 6).
  • We, our kings, and our priests have sinned (v.7).
  • Lord, You have been gracious to us (v. 8-9).
  • What can I say? We have sinned. We have done what you told us not to do (v. 10-12).
  • We have suffered once for having disobeyed You (v. 13).
  • And now we have done it again (v. 14).
  • God, we have no excuse for our sin. (v. 15).

Ezra 10

  • Praying and weeping (v. 1).
  • Confession and submission (v. 2-4).
  • Three days time in which to settle the matter (v. 5-16).