Notes: June 8, 2009

Too fast to fast

Does your calendar get so crowded that you rush through even your religious activities without giving them much thought? Israel had fallen into the habit of “worship” without thinking about God.

Zechariah 7

  • Should I keep on observing the religious traditions? (v. 3)
  • For what reason have you been observing the religious traditions? (v. 5-6).
  • Would it not be best to hear what God has to say about religious activities? (v. 7)
  • What does God require? (v. 9-10).
  • Although God’s expectations are plain, not everyone heeds His word (v. 11-12).
  • As a consequence, God will not listen to them either (v. 13-14).

Zechariah 8

  • Promises, promises. God has lots of promises for His people.
  • God is jealous for Zion (v. 2).
  • Old and young shall dwell together (v. 4-5).
  • God will save His people and be their God (v. 7-8).
  • Prosperity, increase, possession (v. 12).
  • Curses turned to blessing (v. 13).
  • Past fasts of sadness shall occasion rejoicing (v. 19).
  • The Gentiles shall be brought to the Lord (v. 20-23).