Notes: June 7, 2009

Royal Family Problems

Esther 1

  • State dinners for government dignitaries and for the populace are not new (v. 1-6).
  • Serving strong drink at such functions is not new either (v. 7-8).
  • Wives of kings, presidents and prime ministers have often exercised their own influence, too (v. 9).
  • Too much wine often makes men do shameful things (v. 10-11).
  • Modesty often puts us at odds with those who do not share our values (v. 12).
  • Seeking the advice of knowledgeable men is not wrong (v. 13-14).
  • But it’s sad that virtue can be perceived as a violation of public law (v. 15).
  • The issue was treated as a war against women’s liberation (v. 16-18).
  • Despots, husbands or kings, must not allow dissent (v. 19-20).
  • For “public examples” to be effective, they must be widely known (v. 21-22).

Meditation Points:

  1. Many beautiful women would have proudly gone on display, thinking nothing of the immodesty.
  2. Too many kings heed their counselors rather than their conscience.
  3. Oh that women everywhere might be free to honor God.
  4. And that the word of God might be published throughout the world in the languages of all people.