Notes: June 3, 2009

To build or not to build? That is the question.

Zechariah 1 (v. 1-6)

  • Turn, baby, turn (v. 1-3).
  • Don’t grow up to be like your (evil) father (v. 4-6).

Ezra 5 (v. 2-17)

  • More complaints from the neighbors (v. 1-5).
  • More complaints to the (new) king (v. 6-17)

Meditation Points:

  1. Apparently the reconstruction work, stopped by order of King Artaxerxes, had begun again.
  2. Tatnai and the others sought names that they could document and accuse before King Darius.

Ezra 6 (v. 1-13)

  • King Darius ordered a search of the archives and found the original royal proclamation (v. 1-6).
  • The Samaritans are ordered not to cause any more delays to the temple project (v. 6-7).
  • Even more, the Samaritans are ordered to support the work (v. 8-10).
  • With death and destruction the consequences for disobeying the king, the Samaritans quickly comply (v. 11-13).

Ezra 3 (v. 10-13)

  • The rebuilt temple brought joy to some and sadness to others. Remember Haggai 2.