Notes: June 1, 2009

Good news and bad neighbors

Daniel 10

  • Did you ever meditate on spiritual matters for three weeks? (v. 1-3)
  • Did God ever send you a messenger to answer your questions? (v. 4-6)
  • Did you ever feel yourself powerless in the presence of holiness? (v. 7-9)
  • Do you often recognize the great spiritual battles behind the scenes of human history? (v. 10-21)

Meditation Points:

1. Did Daniel meet AN angel of the Lord or THE Angel of the Lord?

2. Assured that God yet controls the world, Daniel was strengthened (Daniel 10:19). When you are weak, why not turn to Him who is all-powerful?

3. What better source of knowledge about God and God’s plans than in the “scripture of truth”? (Daniel 10:21)

Ezra 4

  • When their plan to infiltrate the work of God failed, the Samaritans wrote to the King, predicting the Jews would become seditious tax evaders (v. 7-16).
  • King Artaxerxes issued a cease and desist order which halted temple reconstruction until the 2nd year of Darius (v. 7-24).

Ezra 5

  • The prophets Haggai and Zechariah ministered to the Jews in Israel at this time (v. 1)