Notes: May 21, 2009

A prayer and a prophecy

Daniel 9

The prayer (v. 1-19)

  • From reading books (the scriptures of Jeremiah) Daniel learned that the captivity was to last 70 years (v. 1-2).
  • He prayed, acknowledging the sins of his people (v. 5) and the righteousness of God (v. 7).
  • Further he confesses their rebellion (v. 9) and failure to obey God (v. 10).
  • Agreeing that Moses had predicted judgment for those who turn away from God (v. 13-14), Daniel continues on to plead for God’s mercy and forgiveness (v. 15-19).

The prophecy (v. 20-27)

  • God’s answer? I’ll save My people.
  • In about 500 years the Messiah will come.
  • He will die, but not for His own sins.
  • (another ruler will also come, and destroy the city)
  • The messiah will confirm My covenant with the people.
  • He will cause a change in worship.