Notes: May 19, 2009

Daniel’s Dream and Vision

In the 37th year of a 40-year captivity, King Jehoiachin of Israel was released from prison (2 Kings:25:27); and he was treated admirably by the Chaldean King Evilmerodach. Daniel’s dream (chapter 7:1) occurs in the first year of King Belshazzar who is reigning (if our timelines is correct) three years later when the Medes and the Persians overrun Babylon (Daniel 5:30-31).

Daniel 7 – The Dream

Four beasts (v. 3):

  • a lion with eagle’s wings (v. 4)
  • a bear, raised on one side, with 3 ribs in its mouth (v. 5)
  • a leopard with 4 wings and 4 heads and dominion (v. 6).
  • a dreadful and terrible beast with iron teeth and 10 horns and an 11th little horn (v. 7-8)
  • The Ancient of Days and the Son of Man defeat the beast(s) (v. 9-15).

The meaning:

  • 4 beasts are 4 kingdoms
  • But the kingdom of God prevails in the end

Daniel 8 – The Vision

  • A ram with 2 horns and a goat with 1. (v. 1-14).
  • These represent the kingdom of the Medes and Persians (2 horns of the ram) and the kingdom of Greece (Alexander the Great being the single horn) (v. 15-27).