Notes: May 15, 2009

More about Ezekiel’s temple

Remember that this temple did not exist in Ezekiel’s day. For him it was but a vision–a  God-given vision to be sure, but nonetheless a vision. Imagine for a moment that you were Ezekiel. What are the big ideas that you would take from this wonderful vision?

Ezekiel 46

  • At times, the gate to the inner court would be closed. On sabbaths and new moons the gate would be opened so that prince and people might enter to worship. (v. 1-3)
  • One should not leave worship the way he entered (v. 4-15).
  • It’s not right to steal another’s property in order to “give” it to your family (v. 16-18).
  • Proper preparation for sacrifice is work that requires both time and space (v. 19-24).