Notes: May 13, 2009


Ezekiel 43

What value has a worship center if God is not present? Having seen the magnificence of the empty temple, Ezekiel now sees its main occupant-God.

  • The glory of the Lord filled the place (v. 1-5). This is not the first time that Ezekiel has been in the presence of God.
  • God promises to remain there with his people, provided that they maintain standards of holy worship (v. 6-12).
  • The altar for sacrifice is described in it’s dimensions and use (v. 13-27).

Ezekiel 44

  • The outer sanctuary had an eastern gate to be used by the prince (v 1-3).
  • Falling before the glorious God, Ezekiel is reminded of Israel’s failure to maintain purity in its religious leaders (v. 4-9).
  • Unfaithful Levites are allowed to live, but in a more servile capacity (v. 10-14).
  • Faithful priests, on the contrary, will be elevated (v. 15-16).
  • Their clothing (v. 17-19)
  • Their hair (v. 20).
  • Their abstinence (v. 21).
  • Their wives (v. 22).
  • Their ministerial duties (v. 23-24).
  • Their grief (v. 25-27).
  • Their inheritance (v. 28).
  • Their provisions (v. 29-31).