Notes: May 8, 2009

Those bones, those dry bones

Ezekiel 37

  • Dry bones come to life – teaching that the nation of Israel will come alive again (v. 1-14).
  • Two sticks joined together – teaching that Israel will be united again (v. 15-20).
  • The nation will be united as one nation under God, indivisible (v. 21-28).

Ezekiel 38

  • Although returned to the land, Israel’s enemies yet abound. In this chapter and the next, we learn about God and allies, enemies of Israel (v. 1-9)
  • Although the enemies are self-assured of victory, God will deliver His people (v. 10-16).
  • A jealous God will pour out His fury upon the enemies of His people (v. 17-23).