Notes: May 7, 2009

New creation

Ezekiel 36

  • Rejoice your enemies are destroyed (v. 1-7). Is sin your enemy? Is death your enemy? Rejoice that Christ has destroyed your enemies.
  • Rejoice in your reinstatement to favor with God (v. 8-15). Are sin and death destroyed on your behalf? Rejoice that they no longer separate you from God.
  • Rejoice that God saves you for His name’s sake (v. 16-24). Your sins have separated you from God; but God’s grace brings you close to Him again.
  • Rejoice that you are a new creation from inside out (v. 25-27). God gives sinners a new heart and a new spirit that they might serve Him.
  • Rejoice that God restores you to a Garden of Eden relationship with Him and his creation (v. 28-37).