Notes: May 4, 2009

The queen of heaven

Jeremiah 43

  • Living by sight and by feeling and not by faith, Johanan leads the people to Egypt contrary to God’s will as expressed through Jeremiah (v. 1-7).
  • Jeremiah hides stones in a kiln symbolizing the conquest of Egypt by the Babylonians (v. 8-13).

Jeremiah 44

  • Recounting the sins which led to the fall of Jerusalem (v. 1-6)
  • Reproof for obvious and obstinate sin of these who have fled Jerusalem (v. 7-10).
  • Warning of judgment to come (v. 11-14).
  • The people who once declared their intent to obey God in all things, now declare their intent to disobey Him (v. 15-19).
  • God reminds them that such rebellion brought judgment in the past and it will do so in the future as well (v. 20-30).

Meditation Point

Burning incense to the queen of heaven and baking cakes to worship her angered God. Why don’t those who exalt Mary to a position of near equality with Christ see a similarity?