Notes: May 2, 2009

Where would you live?

Who but Christ and those like Him would choose to live among the distressed people of God rather than in the lavish palaces of unbelief?

Jeremiah 40

  • Jeremiah is released from prison by the conquering Babylonians (v. 1-4)
  • Allowed to choose where to live, Jeremiah opts to remain in Israel (v. 5-7).
  • Governor Gedaliah rallies the people and advises them to submit to the Babylonians (v. 8-12).
  • When warned of a conspiracy to take his life, Gedaliah chooses not to believe the danger is real (v. 13-16).

2 Kings 25

  • But in the seventh month, Gedaliah is assassinated by a member of the royal family and his ten men.

(more details in tomorrow’s reading of Jeremiah 41 and 42)