Notes: April 11, 2009

A proverb that lost its meaning

Yes, children offen suffer or benefit from the actions of parents. But God would have us to know that children are not accountable for the sins of their parents, nor are they safe or saved due to the righteousness of their parents.

Ezekiel 18

Marks of a just man, evidence of acceptance by God (v. 4-9)

  • not eaten on the mountains
  • not an idolater
  • not defiled his neighbor’s wife
  • not defiled himself with an unclean woman
  • not oppressed anyone
  • not cheated anyone
  • not stolen from anyone
  • not withheld food from the hungry
  • not withheld clothing from the poor
  • not been a loan shark
  • not been “charitable for gain”
  • not involved in lawlessness
  • not been unjust in his dealings with other men
  • not been disobedient to God’s statutes and judgments

Grandfather, son, grandson—each must give account of his own life to God. The soul that sins, it shall die (Ezekiel 18:20).

And the one who repents of his sin shall live (Ezekiel 18;21).

God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked (Ezekiel 18:23, 32).

Yet men say that God is unfair (Ezekiel 18:25, 29).

Go ahead. If you can, make yourself a new heart and new spirit (v. 31).

Ezekiel 19

  • Government leaders are not beyond the eye and heart of God (v. 1)
  • The princes of Israel will be captured, tortured and carried away like lion cubs (v. 2-9).
  • Their mother is like a vine that finds her branches broken off, scattered and burned (v. 10-14)