Notes: April 10, 2009

Two Eagles and a Vine

Ezekiel 17

The riddle presented (v. 1-10)

  • A mighty eagle, perched securely above all else, plants a vine (v. 3-6)
  • Another eagle, not so powerful, arrives and also interacts with the vine (v. 7-8)
  • The vine dies (v. 9-10)

The riddle explained (v. 11-21)

  • The first great eagle is Babylon.
  • The rebellious house of Israel is the vine, which conquering Babylon allowed to live.
  • The second eagle is Egypt, Israel’s hope for deliverance from Babylon.
  • But the greater eagle turns against both the lesser eagle and the vine.

The riddle overshadowed by God’s salvation (v. 22-24)

  • The Branch whom the Lord plants shall be pre-eminent. Is this not Christ?