Notes: April 7, 2009

When surrender is the best choice

Those who were taken captive to Babylon learn of the coming destruction of Jerusalem and the horrors to befall those who disobeyed God and remained in the homeland.

Ezekiel 12

  • A “moving” illustration (v. 1-7).
  • Prediction of the final destruction of Jerusalem (v. 8-16).
  • How one eats speaks to his mental state (v. 17-20).
  • Do not scoff at the warnings of God (v. 21-28).

Ezekiel 13

  • God will judge lying prophets – and preachers (v. 1-9).
  • Poor building materials do not make strong buildings (v. 10-16).
  • Women preachers / prophets are not exempt from God’s judgment (v. 17-23).