Notes: March 30, 2009

Babylon Will Fall

What to do when the world around you is crumbling—Jeremiah 50

This and the chapter that follows speak of the fall of Babylon and what God wants His people to do when that happens.

  • A nation from the north will takeover Babylon, destroying the false religion of Babylon, too (v. 1-3, 9)
  • After the cruelty of captivity, the Jews will be free (v. 4-7).
  • Once liberated, the Jews must return to Israel quickly to avoid the invading army from the north (v. 8-10).
  • Babylon, the cruel destroyer, shall be destroyed by God (v. 11-34).
  • Do you remember Sodom and Gomorrah? Babylon will be so destroyed by God (v. 35-40).
  • We reap what we sow. Babylon sowed violence; Babylon would reap violence against itself (v. 41-46).