Notes: March 29, 2009

God’s New Covenant

Jeremiah 31

Continuing the promises of the previous chapter

  • God begins by declaring His intent to be God over a reunited Israel (v1).
  • Though circumstances at one time or another may look otherwise, God’s love is everlasting (v. 3). Is yours?
  • When God begins a work, He finishes it (v. 4).
  • The crooked path shall be made straight (v. 9).
  • The shepherd has not lost His flock (v. 10).
  • The voice in Ramah weeping for her children (v. 15). Remember Matthew 2 and Herod’s murder of the young.
  • Our heavenly Father weeps when He must discipline His children (v. 19-20).
  • Changed hearts are accompanied by changed speech (v. 23).
  • Weary souls shall be satisfied (v. 24).
  • Everything shall become new (v. 28).
  • Personal responsibility (v. 29-30).

The new covenant (v. 31)

  • Unlike the former covenant at the time of the Exodus (v. 32).
  • Law written in their hearts. Now that’s different! (v. 33).
  • Men who don’t need to be taught because they will know God (v. 34).
  • As sure as the sun, the moon and the stars (v. 35-36).
  • Grace that cannot be measured (v. 37).
  • A new construction project (v. 38).
  • Death and holiness, a sacred battlefield (v. 40).