Notes: March 26, 2009

Listen to the Word of God

Read these two chapters together. In the first, God warns of false prophets. In the second a false prophet arises. Lesson and application. Trust and obey. Hear and do. Faith and action. Does your religion translate into your life?


  • (v. 2) Jeremiah’s object lesson: the yoke.
  • (v. 3) Jeremiah’s word to other nations: Edom, Moab, Ammon and Tyre and Sidon.
  • (v. 5-6) God asserts His sovereignty.
  • (v. 8-10) The first of two choices: rebel against the Babylonians, and die.
  • (v. 11) Submit to the Babylonians, and live.
  • (v. 12-22) The same choices are presented to the King of Judah.
  • (v. 13) Why will you die?
  • (v. 15) God has not sent everyone who wears religious garb.
  • (v. 18) Answered prayer is proof of God’s approval.

Jeremiah 28

  • (v. 1) Hananiah, the false prophet
  • (v. 2) Claiming divine authority (don’t they all?)
  • (v. 3) Contradicting other prophets (they can’t all be right!)
  • (v. 6) Jeremiah (facetiously) declares that he would like for Hananiah to be right
  • (v. 10) Hananiah broke what God had ordered Jeremiah to construct
  • (v. 13-14) God calls Jeremiah to denounce Hananiah
  • (v. 17) Hananiah died within the year