Notes: March 25, 2009

An Evil King

Zedekiah was 21 years old when he began to reign over Judah.

His 11 years as king did nothing to save the nation.

2 Kings 24:18-20

  • (v. 19) Evil in the sight of the Lord. Does any other opinion of our actions really matter?
  • (v. 20) How does God’s anger fit into Zedekiah’s rebellion against Babylon?

2 Chronicles 36:11-16

  • (v. 12) One evidence of an evil heart is our refusal to listen to God
  • (v. 13) Did King Nebuchadnezzar make Zedekiah swear by (his) God that Israel would not rebel? If so, then Zedekiah broke his promise to Nebuchadnezzar and his oath to God.
  • (v. 14) When the King is evil, the priests and prophets should denounce him, not join him.
  • (v. 15) God graciously warned the sinners of the danger they were bringing upon themselves
  • (v. 16) If we reject the word and warnings of God, there is no remedy.