Notes: March 22, 2009 – Jeremiah 23

Lying Pastors

Wearing a uniform or possessing a diploma are no guarantees of piety or ability.

  • In what ways can a shepherd scatter the sheep and destroy the flock? (v 1)
  • What should a shepherd do for the flock? (v 2-4)
  • A Messianic prophecy is appropriate at this point. When many claim the title but do not function as shepherds, the Great and Good Shepherd Himself will come (v 5-6) to save God’s people. Matthew 1:21.
  • The exodus event will be replaced by the salvation event as the biggest moment in the history of God’s people (v 7-8).
  • Adultery and swearing did abound (v 10). Then and now.
  • Profanity of prophet and priest is wickedness (v 11).
  • How can a preacher strengthen the hands of the wicked (v 14)?
  • Don’t listen to false prophets and priests (v 16).
  • Preachers who make you feel good by lying about the danger of unrecognized and unconfessed sin should not be followed (v 16).
  • Preach right and men will turn from their sins.
  • You cannot hide from God (v 24).
  • Beware of those religionists who are always talking about their dreams and visions (v 27) and not about the word of God.
  • God’s word is like fire and a hammer (v 29). In what ways?
  • They who add their own word to God’s Word shall be punished (v 33-34).