Notes: March 21, 2009 – Jeremiah 22

Sins of Israel bring God’s judgment

Sin is a reproach to any nation; especially when that nation professes to be the people of God.

  • Would you be afraid to speak directly to the King about his sin? (v 1)
  • Caring for foreigners, widows and orphans is a mark of conversion in the New Testament also. (Jeremiah 22:3; James 1:27).
  • Forsaking God’s word and worshiping other gods brought destruction upon Israel (v 8-9).
  • Don’t weep for the dead; you cannot help them now. Weep for the unconcerned sinners who yet live. (v 10).
  • Pay your employees (v 13).
  • Has God been speaking to you since your youth? (v 21).
  • What are your worst fears? (v 25).
  • Would you like to know that none of your descendants would prosper? (v 30).