Notes: March 19, 2009 – Obadiah

Prophecy of Obadiah

Who was the man and what did he say?

Obadiah: servant of the Lord

Probably not one who knew Elijah (1 Kings 18:3-4).

Did he live during the reign of Josiah (2 Chronicles 34:12)?

Most likely he was contemporary with Jeremiah (49:1-39) and Ezekiel (25:1-17).

Edom will be destroyed

  • Wars, and rumors of wars (v 1-2)
  • Pride goes before destruction. So also do a false sense of security and self-confidence (v 3-4).
  • This destruction will be complete (v 5-6).
  • None of their allies will deliver them (v 7-9).
  • Persecuting the people of God is always a bad idea (v 10-14).
  • When all around you are destroyed for their opposition to God, be ready for your own destruction (v 15-16).
  • The oppressed people of God will inherit the earth, thanks to the Savior (v 17-21).


  • Obadiah 1:1 with Jeremiah 49:14
  • Obadiah 1:2 with Jeremiah 49:15
  • Obadiah 1:5 with Jeremiah 49:9
  • Obadiah 1:8 with Jeremiah 49:7


  • Obadiah 1:15. What if God treats you as you have treated others?
  • Obadiah 1:21. Whose world is this?