Notes: March 18, 2009 – Jeremiah 49

God against the Ammonites, Edomites and more

Will you rejoice that your enemies have received judgment from God?

Do you not realize that all of God’s enemies, including you, will receive such judgment?

Ammon shall be destroyed (v 2-6)

  • Kings, priests and princes shall be carried away (v 3)
  • The glorious and bountiful countryside shall be overrun (v 4)
  • Yet a remnant shall be saved (v 6)

Edom, descendants of Esau, shall be destroyed (v 7-22; Isaiah 34)

  • Enemies might stop short of total destruction; but God will not stop (v 9-10).
  • God will care for widows and orphans (v 11)
  • They who would belittle and despise God will be seen thus by their neighbors (v 15).
  • Strong men are often proud; pride will destroy the strongest of men and nations (v 16).
  • Would you like to be as Sodom and Gomorrah? (v 18)
  • When men become as women, that is a day to regret (v 22)

Damascus (Syria) shall be destroyed (v 23-27)

  • Fear can paralyze a strong man and a strong nation. (v 24).
  • Former music and rejoicing disappear (v 25).

Kedar shall be destroyed (v 28-29)

  • Not only city dwellers, but even the nomads will be affected (v 29).

Hazor shall be destroyed (v 30-33)

  • A wealthy nation that lives carelessly (v 31)
  • Uninhabitable (v 33)