Notes: March 17, 2009 – Jeremiah 48

God against Moab

How long has it been since the Moabite first opposed Israel?

How often has that opposition popped up again during the intervening years?

God will not hold him guiltless who sets himself against God. The Moabites will learn this lesson by personal and national experience.

  • They are Madmen who oppose God (v 2)
  • Cities cry out (v 1-3)
  • Children are affected by the sins of their fathers (v 4)
  • Self-confidence without God is a curse (v 7)
  • No god is greater than Jehovah (v 7)
  • Destruction comes suddenly (v 8-9)
  • Cursed be he who does the work of the Lord deceitfully (Jeremiah 48:10).
  • Cursed also is the one who does not attack sin.
  • Comfortable living can be a curse (v 11).
  • Bury the false gods (v 13-18)
  • The fleeing masses will be asked why they flee (v 19-24).
  • The confused and staggering nation is as drunk (v 25-27).
  • What of Moab’s pride now? (v29)
  • What of Moab’s thanksgiving? (v33)
  • What of Moab’s false religion? (v 35)
  • Why? Because Moab has set himself up against the Lord. (v 42)
  • Fear, pit and snare. There shall be no escape for Moab. (v 43)
  • Would God be so merciful as to save a remnant? (v 47)