Notes: March 15, 2009 – Jeremiah 45 & 46

Promises and Threats

These two chapters both record revelation given in the 4th year of Jehoiakim (45:1; 46:2). Compare Jeremiah 36:1.

Jeremiah 45

  • Baruch is the recipient of a message from the Lord.
  • This message came after Baruch had faithfully written the word of God through Jeremiah.
  • Baruch had thrown up his hands in despair, as though the coming invasion by Babylon would prevent him from accomplishing all of his goals.
  • God rebukes him.

Jeremiah 46

  • The Egyptians are not exempt from God’s judgment.
  • The day of the Lord’s vengeance will break them (v 10)
  • God will send the Babylonians against Egypt as well as against Judah (v 18-26)
  • Judah is reminded that God will recover them from their captivity and restore them to the land (v 27-28)