Notes: March 14, 2009 – Jeremiah 36

Baruch  and the Bible Burning

Baruch takes dictation from Jeremiah (v 1-5)

Baruch takes the scroll (book) and reads it in the temple (v 6-10)

Baruch reads to the court (v 11-15)

Baruch’s scroll is read to the king, who has it destroyed (v 16-25)

Baruch and Jeremiah avoid capture because God hid them (v 26)

Baruch writes the dictated words of Jeremiah a second time, with additions (v 27-32)

Meditation Points:

  1. Have you ever tried to write down what someone else was saying?
  2. Have you ever written something and read it publicly?
  3. Have you ever been invited to read something that you wrote to a private gathering?
  4. Have you ever had something that you wrote cut into pieces and burned?
  5. Have you ever had to write something a second time?