Notes: March 13, 2009 – Jeremiah 35

Jeremiah and the Rechabites

  • v 1. God’s instructions for Jeremiah
  • v 2. Invite the Rechabites to the house of the Lord.
  • v 5. Set before them wine and cups, and invite them to drink.
  • v 6-11. The Rechabites, mindful of the instruction of their ancestor, politely refuse and rehearse the history behind their refusal. For years they have neither drunk wine nor owned property. They have but recently come to Jerusalem to avoid the invasion of the Babylonians.
  • v 12-18. God commends the Rechabites and chides the men of Judah for not being so obedient to the commandments of their heavenly father.
  • v 19. The Rechabites are blessed to know that there will always be a representative of their family to stand before God.