Notes: March 10, 2009 – Jeremiah 17

Sin engraved on your heart

  • v 1. How can you erase the evidence and effects of sin in your life?
  • v 1. Is the evidence of sin displayed in your religious activity also?
  • v 2. Children notice sin in their parents’ lives.
  • v 5-6. Depart from God and you won’t be able to see good around you.
  • v 7-8. Be environmentally friendly. Be a tree planted by the Lord. Psalm 1.
  • v 9. Do you doubt the sinful depravity of Man? You thus prove the deceitfulness of a sinful heart.
  • v 10. God alone knows our hearts.
  • v 13. Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall not be ashamed.
  • v 14. When God heals, we shall be healed. When God saves, we shall be saved.
  • v 15. Some men mockingly call for the word of the Lord. They cannot understand it; much less will they act upon it.
  • v 19-27. Men who have forsaken God’s word may continue with religious activity; but they need someone who will faithfully stand outside their little charade and denounce it.