Notes: March 9, 2007 – Jeremiah 15 & 16

Is God tired of your repentance?

Jeremiah 15

  • v 1. Do you think that prayers from a saint will put you into God’s favor? Think again.
  • v 2-4. God’s wrath manifests itself in many forms, all with the same end-sinners are separated from God.
  • v 6. Do you weary God with your hypocrisy?
  • v 16. When bad news comes, turn to the word of God for guidance.
  • v 17-18. All who would live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.
  • v 20-21. Deliverance from evil without salvation from sin is but a minor healing.

Jeremiah 16

  • v 2.  Allow God to determine whether and whom you will marry and have a family.
  • v 5. Jeremiah had been instructed not to pray for the rebellious people; and here is forbidden to mourn their captivity.
  • v 10. Why do bad things happen to bad people? Because of their sin.
  • v 15. The exodus from Egypt would be eclipsed by the restoration of Israel from captivity.
  • v 19. When God saves some, others take notice.