Notes: March 8, 2009 – How Bad is it?


Jeremiah 13

v 1-11. Lessons from a linen girdle

v 7, 10. A good for nothing belt.

v 18. The king and queen were not exempt from hearing the Word of God

v 22. Why do bad things happen to bad people? They deserve it.

v 23. Self-reformation is impossible.

v 27. When will it change?

Jeremiah 14

v 1-7. Drought in the land.

v 7. We have sinned against you, Lord.

v 10. Some men love to wander away from God.

v 11. Don’t ask God to do something good for this people.

v 12. Not all fasting is beneficial.

v 14-15. Not every preacher speaks for God.

v 22. The God who controls the weather, He is God.