Notes: March 7, 2009 – Trust and Obey


Jeremiah 11

v 3. Cursed by the man who … (Is this speaking about you?)

v 7-8. How often must God warn us not to sin?

v 11-12. If God won’t hear our prayers, then who is able to save us?

v 13. False religion in every city; and on every street corner of the capital.

v 14. Don’t pray for them; God won’t hear you.

v 18-19. If God doesn’t teach us, we’re like dumb animals.

v 23. No remnant. No future.

Jeremiah 12

v 1.  Why do the wicked prosper? Did not Solomon address this issue?

v 8-9. Lessons from lions and speckled birds.

v 10-13. Pitiful pastors.

v 13.  We say, "No pain? No gain."  God says there is pain that does not gain.

v 16-17. If they will obey …