Notes: March 6, 2009 – Jeremiah 10

Vain Heathen Tree Customs

Jeremiah 10

  • v 2. Heathen ways should not be learned
  • v 2. Heathen are upset by signs of heaven.
  • v 3. Heathen customs are vain.
  • v 3-5. Cutting down a tree, fastening it to stand upright, and decking it with silver and gold does no good.
  • v 6. There is none like God. Man can never approximate in art or ritual the greatness and power of God.
  • v 11-13. Only the one and true God has created and sustains the world.
  • v 14. To think that a man could duplicate or emulate such greatness is brutish.
  • v 21-22. Pastors have become brutish by not seeking the Lord.
  • v 23. Do you recognize that, in the end, you do not control your own destiny?
  • v 24-25. Lord, please don’t zap me; zap the heathen instead.