Notes: March 5, 2009 – Kill the Messenger

If you don’t like the news, tear up the newspaper.

Jeremiah 26

  • v 8. "You will surely die." That’s what prophets and priests thought of Jeremiah’s "word of the Lord."
  • v 9. I’ve got good news; and I’ve got bad news.  In Jeremiah’s case, there was no good news.
  • v 12. What credentials do I have? What credentials do I need? God sent me.
  • v 13. Repent of your sin, and God will not send judgment.
  • v 14-15. I am in your hands; but remember Who sent me.
  • v 16. The princes and the people declared the Jeremiah was NOT worthy of death.
  • v 18-23. Different administrations handle disgruntled voices in different manners. Some dissidents get shipped off to the Gulag, some to the dungeon, some to the firing squad.
  • v 24. Jeremiah found a friend at court.