Notes: March 4, 2009 – The sermon outside the gate (continued)

Relics and Repentance

Jeremiah 8

  • v 1. How many generations of bones were accessible in this grave-robbing ritual?
  • v 2. There wasn’t even a pretence of worshiping Jehovah.
  • v 3. What makes a man relish death more than life?
  • v 6. Nobody asked, "What have I done?"
  • v 8. Oh the effrontery that they even claimed God’s word was on their side.
  • v 9. Having rejected the word of the Lord, there is no wisdom in them.
  • v 11. Religious placebos are not new to our generation.
  • v 12. Shameless.
  • v 22. Yes, there is a great Physician in the land; and yes, He has the cure to their diseases. Why then do they still suffer?

Jeremiah 9

  • v 1. I wish I could weep for my sinful people.
  • v 2. I wish I could just get away from them all.
  • v 3. Men show bravery for many reasons. These people are not valiant for truth.
  • v 8. Listen to what they say; but watch out for what they might do.
  • v 13-16. Cause and effect. Sin and its consequences.
  • v 23-24. Now here’s something to brag about.  1 Corinthians 1:19-21; 1 Corinthians 1:27-29.
  • v 25-26. As sin is not restricted to one race, creed, or nation; so the punishment for sin is not restricted to one race, creed, or nation.