Notes: March 3, 2009 – Outside the gate

The sermon before the sermon

2 Kings 23

  • v 31. Josiah’s son Jehoahaz ascended to the throne after his father’s death in battle.
  • v 32. Jehoahaz did evil in the sight of the Lord; not at all like his pious father.
  • v 33. The Egyptian king alongside whom Josiah fought, dethroned Jehoahaz and imprisoned him.
  • v 34. Another son of Josiah was installed as (puppet) king of Judah.
  • v 35. Jehoiakim did evil in the Lord’s sight, too.

2 Chronicles 36

  • v 1. Remember that the people chose Jehoahaz, and the Pharaoh Neco chose Jehoiakim. And God wasn’t pleased with either one of them.

Jeremiah 26

  • v 1. Only 3 years after the death of Josiah, the land of Judah had become openly and widely corrupt again. How soon men fall back into their sin.
  • v 2. Jeremiah was not the opening act for a big name performer. He was the big name. Yet nobody seemed to care what he said.

Jeremiah 7

  • v 8. Ecclesiastes teaches us to beware vain pursuits. Jeremiah teaches us to beware unprofitable advice/lectures/sermons.
  • v 11. Can you imagine the house of the Lord being a den of robbers? Yet, isn’t this a complaint that all to many people make about the large, organized religions?
  • v 16. There are some people for whom you are forbidden to pray.
  • v 24. Progress. Not regress.
  • v 27. If results are based upon the number of people who accept your message, then Jeremiah was a failure from the beginning.
  • v 31. Why do some religions put so much emphasis on things that God never commanded?