Notes: February 22, 2009 – Isaiah 66

Where does God live?

One cannot ask, "When did God live?" for He has always lived.

Nor can one ask, "Where does God live?" for He fills the universe with His presence.

  • v 1-2. God’s house is not a building that men make and mark with a steeple. Foolish are they who believe otherwise.
  • v 3-4. To their own peril do men reject God and follow their own devices.
  • v 5-6. God hears the cries of His people.
  • v 7-11. Will we see many from the rebellious nation converted?
  • v 12-14. Peace like a river, bringing Jews and Gentiles together under God’s wisdom and protection.
  • v 15-17. The unbelieving and unsaved will be under the wrath of God.
  • v 18-24. In the new order, all men will be priests.