Notes: February 17, 2009 – Isaiah 56 & 57

A Better Name

God encourages the outcasts of society to trust in Him, promising them a closer relationship with Him by their faith than the merely naturally born sons would have.

Isaiah 56

  • v 1. Keep your eyes on the soon-to-be-completed salvation of God
  • v 2. Whatever else men may say, he that follows God is blessed
  • v 3-4. God’s love is not limited to one race or nation.
  • v 5-8. Those born outside of God’s family can be brought in.
  • v 9-12. Woe to the watchmen who do not see, to the guards who give no warning.

Isaiah 57

  • v 1-2. The righteous perish, but no one learns from the event; not one realizes that God delivers His people from impending tribulation.
  • v 3-4. God is truthful (though, today, He’d be seen as politically incorrect), when He addresses sinners as the children of the adulterer and whore, children of transgression, a seed of falsehood.
  • v 5-6. Idolatry cannot be tolerated.
  • v 7-10. Both in private and in public have they abandoned God.
  • v 11-12. What fear do men have that they will not turn to God?
  • v 13-19. No sinner is beyond the saving hand of God!
  • v 20-21. Let not the recalcitrant think that he will receive anything but wrath.