Notes: February 15, 2009 – Isaiah 52 & 53

Jesus the Suffering Savior

Isaiah 52

  • v 1.  How many times in this book have we read, “Awake, awake”?
  • v 3. The people who have prostituted themselves for nothing, will be redeemed for nothing. The greatest sin will be rectified by the greatest salvation.
  • v 6. Only a saved people can know who God is.
  • v 7. Do you want beautiful feet? Then go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15; Romans 10:15.
  • v 11. What should you do when you find yourself in an ungodly environment? Get out. 2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1.
  • v 13-15, and continuing though chapter 53. Is there any doubt of whom the prophet speaks? Acts 8:32-35.

Isaiah 53

  • v 1. The Jews did not believe what Isaiah said about the Messiah. Have you believed the report? Romans 10:16.
  • v 2. He would be nothing special by human standards.
  • v 3. Men would reject Him, even despising Him.
  • v 4. He would suffer during His life on earth.
  • v 5. His suffering would be on our behalf, because of our sin.
  • v 6. Who among us has not sinned?
  • v 7. Though facing an unjust crucifixion, He did not seek to save Himself.
  • v 8. His death was not a random event; He died for God’s people.
  • v 9. He lived and died among wicked men; and He was buried in a rich man’s tomb.
  • v 10. Wicked men killed Him; but it was according to God’s plan that He might make an (eternal, and once-for-all) offering for sin.
  • v 11. Would you be right with God? Then you must know Him.
  • v 12. Does God’s Son merit an inheritance? Though crucified between two thieves who deserved to die, He alone bare the sin of many others, and He today yet intercedes for them.